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Brandon, Florida Builders Risk Insurance

During the course of construction, Florida contractors, whether large or small, face different levels of risks. Contractors throughout Florida need an insurance agent to help them to obtain Florida Builders Risk Insurance. As you determine the risks your business may encounter, we’re here to assist you and offer the policy options that you feel are right for your business. Odiorne Insurance has been helping contractors and builders who are concerned about their risks with Builders Risk Insurance for more than 40 years.

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A builders risk policy protects builders and contractors from losses to property and financially in the event of an incident. Losses may occur to the property or structure and may include the materials used on the job site. Our agency can help protect you by offering insurance policy options which can cover your loss in the event of a fire, flood or theft. You may also opt to have additional coverage in the event of losses due to project penalties or unexpected costs, like taxes.

Coverage Options for Builders Risk in Brandon, Florida

At Odiorne Insurance Agency, we work with you to help you find the policy and coverage that you desire.

  • Policy time frames
  • New Construction, remodeling & rehabs
  • Coverage for framing, cleanup, debris
  • Financial costs due to delays
  • Project sites and trailers
  • And more….

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Speak with a licensed agent for additional information regarding these coverages or refer to your actual policy for specific coverages and limits. It’s important to learn what your policy coverages include and how different limits could potentially negatively effect your business risk and liabilities.

The information offered throughout our website is not legal advice or a substitute for consultative insurance purposes, it is for illustration and informational purposes only. For additional information regarding your specific insurance needs, please call and speak with one of our licensed insurance agents today. Our agents are ready to assist you in navigating your insurance options.

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Multistory concrete building being constructed with large crane and metal scaffolding shown. The building is about 50% exposed to the air.
Construction graphic with cranes, hardhat, blueprints, pens, protective googles, standing steel and workers in the background
Large excavator construction equipment working in dirt field.