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Valentine’s Day Insurance?

Valentine’s Day Insurance?

by Odiorne Insurance
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We may not be able to insure your broken heart but what about protecting that expensive gift? Valentine’s Day spending during 2012 was around $17.6 billion dollars.


The average man will spend about $170 on Valentines Day, and the gifts can range from low cost cards to expensive designer jewelry.


Most people actually resist wearing their most expensive jewelry because they fear it may go missing. Many of the items hold a priceless sentimental value. However with proper insurance you may be able to find a suitable replacement which may help to lessen some of your heartache.


Most Home Owners Insurance policies will cover your expensive jewelry of up to $500-2,500, but you can purchase additional coverage if the items are over the capped amount.


Here are a couple great tips from Odiorne Insurance to get the most out of your policy. Have your items appraised and get updates every five years to make sure its accurate and up to date. Keep a list or inventory to make sure you can remember all of the items lost or damaged in a disaster and review the coverage you currently have to make sure you understand your protection.


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